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Integrates With All In ONE SEO Pack & WordPress SEO
Buzz Burner can now integrate with 2 of the most popular WordPress SEO Plugins available in 3 new ways. By using the content pulled to create your Buzz Burner posts and your specific keywords (entered on the Campaign Settings page) Buzz Burner can how integrate with these 2 popular Plugin to create better SEO for your Buzz Burner posts if you enable the features.

The first of the 3 new features is the ability to enter your own Keywords. You can enter keywords on the campaign settings page as many as you like (it’s recommended you enter about 20/30 for a better selection) and Buzz Burner will randomly select a # of these to be used as keywords for your posts, giving you better Keyword SEO control over your content.

The 2nd way Buzz Burner integrates is it can generate a more SEO and Keyword friendly title tag for your posts. It doe’s this by randomly grabbing the title of an imported feed item and randomly getting 1 of your keywords mentioned above to create a new title tag for your post.

The Final integration is Buzz Burner can now also generate a meta description for your posts based on the randomly selected item (mentioned above) but this time taking some of the excerpt of that item to be used as your meta description as well as the same keyword mentioned in the first of the 3 features.

All in all these 3 features which can be enabled/disabled in the Buzz Burner settings help create better post SEO and help increase search engine ranking for Buzz Burner created posts.

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