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Don’t just import any old content, import the content that matter to your blog/site. Buzz Burner comes with 2 levels of filtering available down 2 possible branches in a negative or positive match. The Branches are Keywords and Domains, you can set negative or positive keywords or domains to include only feed items that have or don’t have a said keyword in the title or description. The same goes for Domains, if you are using a feed that has a wide variety of sources like a blog search, but you only want or don’t want content from specific sources you can exclude or only include by domain.

The 2 levels of filtering are from an individual feed level, which the filters will only affect that specific feed and Campaign level which will affect every feed in a campaign and there for every item imported into a post must pass this filter. By using the filters and really knuckling down on specific keywords you can really create a keyword rich, content focused post that is related to what a visitor is looking for.

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