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What Is Buzz Burner?

Buzz Burner is NOT just another Auto Blogging Plugin, it is Auto Blogging 3.0. Finally, there is no need to worry about the quality of the content your Auto Blogging Plugin will generate after running it through a translation and a spinner. Everyone knows these produce content that is virtually unreadable and total nonsense. These are the sites that Google is targeting and killing off 1-by-1. It’s time to take control of your Auto Blogging and upgrade to the future – version 3….. Auto Curate & Populate!

Buzz Burner generates unique content that is actually relevant and readable and most importantly, content that visitors will come back to read again. Buzz Burner does not just scrape an entire post from one source and then dump an exact duplicate on your site! NO Buzz Burner takes as many posts from a number of different sources, over a select time frame, and then consolidates the experts or snippets into 1 post to create a real-time, up-to-date overview of what’s going on in YOUR niche.

Buzz will Auto Curate content and then populate this filtered content into the pages of your WordPress site. You can really set it and forget it with Buzz Burner. You won’t have to worry about going back to delete and all of your auto generated content to delete the trash content that is used by the “Scrape and Dump” and the “Scrape and Spin” Auto Blogging Plugins.

Buzz Burner really takes Auto Blogging to the next level and will help your blog Posts stand out from the crowd with a few tweaks to the settings:

  • Create Campaigns (Campaigns to order and sort your feeds)
  • Select Category (Select what category each campaign posts to)
  • Post Time (Select when to post by the hours or by the day and time)
  • Custom Post Titles (Customize Posts Titles, by including date, time, random imported item title or number your posts)
  • Post Header Images (Set a dedicated post header images to be inserted at the top of every post)
  • Post Status (Automatically publish posts or set them to draft so you can review and edit before publishing)
  • e-Mail Notification (Get an e-mail every time a new post is created to keep you up-to-date with your auto blogging)
  • Tag Generation (Auto generate tags using a keyword relevancy formula to create tags that appear most in your post)
  • Images (Import images from feeds to use in your own post, with Alt Tag and keyword renaming – SEO Best Practice)
  • Featured Image (If your theme uses WordPress’s Featured Image, Buzz Burner auto selects your featured image from one of the feeds)
  • Keyword/Domain Filters (Filter posts by include or exclude keywords and domains to only get the content you want)
  • Post Header/Footer Text (Enter in a set of opening and closing paragraphs for your posts to be randomly selected and inserted for you)
  • Source Back Links (choose how to give credit to the source… Link back or not, it’s up to you)

Use all of these features + many more to reach the top of Google, earn more from each blog and build sites that will last! Join the next evolution in Auto Blogging - Auto Curate and Populate. It’s time you started using Buzz Burner to build your publishing empire.

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